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4 May
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hi im bored so im changin this it might b long......i live in olivet and im a freshman in highschool. to tell u the truth, i dont have many friends. but thats ok with me since lots of ppl in olivet r very very fake. i want nothing to do with them. but the friends i do have are really great, most of the time. im in the colorguard for marching band and in concert band i play the clarinet. most people think im a confusing person. but u just have to get to know me, then you'll understand. i think my mom is bipolar. shes absolutely insane. i have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. theyre alright. my parents are divorced, but they only live 2 blocks away from eachother. its wierd. oh, also, my grandpa is nuts. hes scary....very strange. me and my cousins have a lot of wierd funny stories about him. so im thinking this is gettin a lil long huh? o i love bracelets and belts. i only have 21 belts right now tho...theres a lot more i want. wel ill end on that ok? later
all-american rejects, anti-bush, band, bangle bracelets, being a creep, being amazingly awesome, being an asshole, being an idiot, being happy, being nice, being slightly insane, being strange, being stupid, belts (cool ones), bert!, bille joe, black, black stuff, blink 182, boys, bracelets, bren, brooke, burning things, cats, cell phones, chelsea, cherry coke, chips and salsa, clarinet, clothes, cohoe, computers, cool stuff, ddr, designing, dr. pepper, drums, e-mail, earrings, eating, fire, fishies!, flynn, getting paid, gnr, goodwill, green day, guns n roses, hair brushes, hanging out, happiness, hating ashley keel, hating school, hating valentines day, haunted houses, having this interest, hello kitty, hot pink, instant-messaging, internet, jb, jessi, jet, jet-skiing, ju-on the grudge, kit kats, lightning, livejournal, love, love!, loving you, making kwizes, maroon 5, maroon5, marshall, me, mexican food, modest mouse, money, motley crue, movies, music, my chemical romance, nail polish, not being a poser, not being depressed, not church, not olivet, online weirdos, parties, peacocks, people, people who like me, pepsi, pink, pink! (the color), pixy stix, pizza, pointless walks, pretty things, rain, really good eye-liner, rock, romance, running in the rain, scary movies, senses fail, sexy, sharpies, shiney things, shoes, shopping, skiing, skittles, sleeping, smiling, sneaking out, sparkles, stars, stuff, stupidity, sugar cult, sugarcult, summer, system of a down, t shirts, t-shirts, tacos, taking back sunday, the breakfast club, the mall, the pool, the real world, the sky, the used, three days grace, tornados, tv, underoath, vans, viva la bam, volleyball, walking around aimlessly, watching movies, yellowcard, you, your mom, yup, yuppers